Poradnia Monar w Krakowie

MONAR-Krakow is part of the MONAR Association, the largest non-governmental organization in Poland dealing with illegal drug problems. MONAR-Krakow conducts a wide range of activities - from drug prevention and education through psychotherapy and treatment to harm reduction related to drug use.


Clinic offers psychotherapy (individual and group) for drug addicted people who want to quit the habit. Every year, approximately 500 people participate in treatment. The clinic also offers opioid maintenance treatment (based on buprenorphine) and psychiatric assistance for people with dual diagnosis (addiction + psychiatric disorders). The facility also provides legal assistance.

DROP-IN CENTER (drop-in.krakow.pl)

Center gives a wide range of preventive measures in terms of HIV and HCV infections (syringes exchange), as well as in the field of fatal overdoses (consumption room). Drug users who are in the worst situation can find here social help (food, bathhouse, laundry, daily shelter, etc.). All of these activities are important from the point of view of public health protection and social welfare. Approximately 250 people benefit from DROP-IN assistance each year. They are mainly intravenous opioids users.

CLEAN BITS (facebook.com/czystebity)

This is a classic safer nightlife program and is aimed at young people - participants of music events. It is intended to reduce the negative effects of occasional use of psychoactive substances and risky sexual behavior. Project operates in Krakow’s clubs as well as festivals and concerts organized in whole south Poland. Annually project serves several thousand young people. Activities largely based on the work of volunteers.

HOSTEL (drop-up.krakow.pl)

Small social facility for homeless people addicted to psychoactive substances who want to start treatment on an outpatient basis. It is an alternative to shelters for homeless people who find it very difficult to stay clean from drugs. The hostel has 6 places.

FRED GOES NET PROJECT (fredgoesnetkrakow.pl)

Early preventive intervention program in connection with the use of psychoactive substances by young people. Brief intervention is an alternative to no-treatment or to more intensive treatment. The program assumes that substance use should result in appropriate and immediate remedial action.

The activities of Krakow's MONAR are financed from both local and national funds.